Borrowed Hazel's Sony FE 85mm f/1.8 lens and we went on a walk. Still using my Sony ILCE-7M3.

Photo of a neon sign that says "Love Wins"

A very dramatic, cinematic photo of a basketball court in front of some houses

A photo of the garage door on a firehouse where the engine is barely visible through the window. The photo is taken through a signpost so that the holes in the signpost are slightly obscuring the image.

An image of the back lot of a building where a light is reflecting off of water puddles on the ground.

A heavily-edited image of a brick wall with graffiti on it that says "meow"

A photo of a masc-presenting person walking in a temporary sidewalk

A photo of a Pontiac Trans-am taken in the reflection of a puddle of water on the ground

A photo of a street in Somerville taken in the reflection of the window of a closed retail shop


Overpriced antiques


Stella leaving the window

T-pose boarder